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Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP) 21.09.2008 Final

Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP) - набор кодеков; разрабатывается он сразу несколькими группами, занимающимися кодированием/переводом анимэ, поэтому должен разрешить любые проблемы, связанные с субтитрами и непонятными (экзотическими) форматами видеофайлов. В CCCP включен FFDShow вместе с необходимыми фильтрами, а также плееры Zoom Player и Media Player Classic.

2008-09-21: New pack at last, CCCP17, "Hero of the Workforce" is released! Lots of changes in this one, so be sure to check the changelog (conveniently located below). Special thanks to all the beta testers for this one, and especially the hardworking members of the CCCP staff who invested countless hours in testing, compiling, and recompiling/retesting - Myrs, Nich, Lord-, emptyeighty, checkers, anyone I may have missed, sorry, thanks to you too! Download: WinVista/XP/2K.
- Updated ffdshow-tryouts to r2133
- Updated Haali to 2008-03-29
- Switched MPC, Gabest filters, and VSFilter to Media Player Classic Homecinema project. All at r796.
- Bug: "Out of string range" fixed.
- Number of physical cores detected at install (not logical processors because the ffmpeg patch does not properly support HT). Must use Reset Settings to automatically set this option in ffdshow, otherwise set it manually.
- Updated Default Programs (Vista only) for MPC-HC and Zoom Player when installed with CCCP.
- Settings app File Association should also now properly work on Vista (may have not before depending on environment).
- Added S/PDIF options to Settings app.
- Added custom icons and logos to MPC-HC by bb10 (main icon and logo) and Truth Unknown (alternative CCCP media icon). Still includes Chiyo-chan logo!
- H.263+ and AMR now enabled by default for hopefully more 3GP support.
- Various MPC-HC patches: tab order fixed in options, keys reverted to classic MPC bindings, internal subs positioned relative to video (should mimic VSFilter behavior) and buffering disabled, most internal filters disabled (as previously) to allow ffdshow decoding.

Производитель: CCCP-Project
Сайт производителя: http://cccp-project.net/
Операционные системы: Windows, XP/Vista
Языки интерфейса: английский
Лицензия: freeware
Дата добавления: 2008-09-26
Время скачивания:
64 Кб/сек 14 мин.
128 Кб/сек 7 мин.
256 Кб/сек 3 мин.
512 Кб/сек 1 мин.
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